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Flexible Training Courses

ILET & Schooling Group SNC provides many different flexible training courses for students, teachers and everybody who is interested in interdisciplinary and BPS methods.

Are you looking for a new idea for your extracurricular acitivities or do you need a coordinator and activity resposnible  trainer, then contact us for more detailied and individual offer. Here just few possible flexible training courses which can you can learn from us or which can be held by us at your school.


3-days Field Study for BPS (Best Practice Schooling) in Finland

If you want to see BPS in action book a field study with us. You will learn by hands-on methods from Finnish Schools how BPS functions and how you can engage this methods in your daily teaching .


Interdisciplinary extra Curriculum:
Forensic Science

It is exciting to know how criminal investigations are going on. How do we know who is guilty of a crime?


Managing people: engagement and motivation

Grow your management skills by understaing the connections between motivation, job satisfaction, wellbeing and performance.


Stress Management

How you react to stress makes all the difference. Learn how to manage stress and start to live on higher levels of happiness and satisfaction.


Interdisciplinary extra Curriculum:

Ever wondered which kind of technology is behind excavation? We will also give a try to find out more and understand different ancient objects.


Interdisciplinary extra Curriculum:
Technical Modelling

We offer you an exciting journey through the technical ages and you can even try to build a sports car model or a satellite!


Managing people: understand your team culture

Explore the concept of team culture and learn its practical approch.


How to become a better leader?

A Closer Look at the Effects of Transformational Leadership.


Interdisciplinary extra Curriculum:

We offer you a trip to the world of artificial intelligence. Learn how to programm robots or creat your own apps.


Interdisciplinary extra Curriculum:

Ever wanted to make a film or produce a songvideo? We give you a chance to realize your idea with our technical support.


Managing people: teamwork and diversity

Discover different team structures, how teams work, performance management and how to work with diversity in the workplace.


Intercultural Competences

Develop the "chameleon" attitudes, skills and knowledge required to adjust to and approch different cultures and workplaces.

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