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Since 2003, ILET & Schooling Group SNC has been a leader in professional development, providing expertly-crafted, classroom-applicable courses to the teachers based on interdisciplinary approch across the globe. Furthermore ILET & Schooling Group SNC has been reliable member in different research, project and evaluaters groups. Based in Belgium and having its brances all over Europe,  in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Scotland. ILET & Schooling Group SNC provide their services worldwide, whenever and wherever you need them.


We have experience 16 years providing development and research solution & sharing our knowhow about interdisciplinary approches.

Advanced Teacher Training

Teachers lead their students every day in the classroom, but there are so many more opportunities for teachers to make an impact.

We creat your individual studies based on your qualification and keen interest to start using interdisciplinary approch.

Flexible Training & Field Studies

Choose from many online, self-paced continuing education courses for teacher salary advancement and recertification. Courses are reviewed and offered in partnership with EU European schoolnet and  universities. We also organize many individual field studies in different European countires.

Our Partners

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Richard Söderström, Teacher in Maths and Science, Stockholm, Sweden

"One could say that the student-centered teaching relieves the student of all the limitations that a non-student-centered teaching lock into them, which hinders their curiosity to explore and investigate.

The student-centered teaching makes it easy for the teacher to always challenge and support the student to constantly be in its optimal development zone because the student himself/herself always focuses on what is understandable and on the boundary of where their existing knowledge ends and so on. always constructing new knowledge."

"Ma période la plus réussie en tant qu’éducatrice à l’école à l’heure actuelle est de m’appuyer sur mon expérience au fil des années et d’avoir appris au cours de ma formation d’enseignant ce qu'est un modèle centré sur l’élève et comment je l’utilise dans ma profession d’enseignant.

Ce modèle m'a énormément aidé et surtout, il a beaucoup aidé davantage mes étudiants. Ils ont développé leurs compétences linguistiques et leur capacité à acquérir de nouvelles compétences de manière bien meilleure et plus efficace.

Avec l'aide du modèle centré sur l'étudiant, mes étudiants ont commencé à assumer davantage la responsabilité de leur apprentissage et à apprendre de leurs camarades de classe de sorte que mes étudiants agissent en tant qu'enseignant et élève, ce qui développe leur connaissance de la matière à un niveau optimal."

Ahmad Hussein,

language teacher, Stockholm, Sweden

Impressions from different lessons and conferences

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